How High Your Gods Can Count by Tegan Moore

Strange Horizons, May 2, 2016

Description (by Eric Kimminau): "A creation and retribution story, told from the perspective of monkeys who live in the Great Jaguar Pyramid and who interact, sometimes aggressively and with antagonism, toward the tourists who regularly visit the Temple. Each time a monkey attacks a tourist, men from the local village arrive to kill a monkey or monkeys if the incident seems to warrant it. “We cant let the monkeys ruin the tourists.” The story teller (a monkey) relates the tale of the first creation, where the gods created the animals, giving them the intelligence of society, only to take it away because their “voices were wrong.” So the gods bring the second creation, the men of mud. But their voices were no better and their bodies fell apart, which angered the gods, so they brought the third creation, the monkeys, men of wood..."